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Local Food Challenge


A while back, I had read a Facebook comment from a farmer about how they felt that farmers markets weren’t supported the way they ought to be. They felt people came to farmers markets to not actually shop for food, but to enjoy a leisurely outdoor activity that was free and made them feel good. This does not benefit really anyone in the end because it is not sustainable if farmers are not making enough money to continue to attend. And I know I’m guilty; I enjoy visiting farmers markets and I can admit don’t always carry enough money with me to purchase much which totally defeats the purpose of attending.

I wanted to do something about this – to give myself a challenge to start slowly changing my habits and make a more conscious effort to support farmers the way I envision myself doing. To be a true champion to farmers not just in my words, but in more of my actions.

The Local Food Challenge was born and I invited other people to join with me in our 6 week push.

To meet the challenge, participants had to do this:

1.) Purchase at least 3 different food items each week directly from a farm or farms. The more local the better. The goal was to avoid traditional grocery stores and go straight to the source, understanding that some need flexibility depending on where they live.

2.) Show off their weekly purchases in a picture post on our Facebook Challenge group. Some even created wonderful recipes from their selection.

Pretty simple!

The new round of the Farmers are Cool Local Food Challenge has begun on April 15th and runs until May 26th.

More to come on the Local Food Challenge and what’s it’s meant to me and some other challengers.

Here’s a Join the Local Food Challenge – Farmers are Cool flyer to help spread the word.

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