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I heart compost

Image courtesy of City Compost


Do you compost? If you don’t, do you wish you did?

City Compost is a service based in Massachusetts that is making it easier for households to participate in composting without the manual effort of turning over the compost pile or having a pile at all.

Better yet, they help the food waste go full-circle, from starting off as your every day food scraps to becoming a quality finished compost product that can then be used for your own gardening and at farms to grow more food.

With a weekly residential pick up schedule, City Compost will come get your compost-suitable kitchen waste! Might I add that the pricing on this service seems extremely reasonable and helps alleviate that gnawing feeling of guilt from throwing away your old lettuce leaves, stems, apple cores, all of that stuff that you know could easily return to the earth if you had the time or space to compost it. They can also offer customized solutions and consulting for non-residential

I think this service is incredibly useful and was happy when Adam, the founder and operator, reached out to me on twitter. He and his company were recently featured on the National Geographic Education Blog about composting.

Fascinated by this topic? I’m not a history buff, but love National Geographic so much as a source that I found another quick composting article you may enjoy.


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