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Stay Grateful? Yes, we should!

You know how sometimes you come across something that is so pleasing and natural to you that it doesn’t feel there was a time you didn’t know about it or practice it? Like my kids and husband, yoga, pizza!! That’s what I feel about StayGrateful, LLC – a new brand that believes “gratitude should be as effortless and constant as … Continue reading

Bardwell Farm of Hatfield, MA

This morning I had a lovely phone conversation with Harrison Bardwell of his namesake farm, Bardwell Farm, in Hatfield, MA. This was one of the interviews for the Farmers are Cool anchor radio station that I host. Bardwell Farm is a piece of land that has been in the Bardwell family for hundreds of years, but Harrison has taken up … Continue reading

I heart compost

EARTH DAY COUNTDOWN – Do you compost? If you don’t, do you wish you did? City Compost is a service based in Massachusetts that is making it easier for households to participate in composting without the manual effort of turning over the compost pile or having a pile at all. Better yet, they help the food waste go full-circle, from starting off … Continue reading

Local Food Challenge

  A while back, I had read a Facebook comment from a farmer about how they felt that farmers markets weren’t supported the way they ought to be. They felt people came to farmers markets to not actually shop for food, but to enjoy a leisurely outdoor activity that was free and made them feel good. This does not benefit really anyone in … Continue reading

Cannot wait!

I am really looking forward to getting the new 2017 Comfort mugs in (and then back out the door). Rachel Bartlett from Rachel Bartlett Pottery in NH has been working on a large order for us and the response has been incredible. The mugs will come in two sizes: large and then SUPER sized for those who enjoy a bit more … Continue reading

Farm stand managers – what do you need?

Farm stand managers – this message is for you! What merchandise is the hardest for you to source? What is your #1 challenge when it comes to the non-farm produced items that you may carry? Please comment below or email us at Danica at  

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