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If you found this site, chances are you know at least one cool farmer. Farmers are the inspiration behind our entire message – we want to help promote their lifestyle, support them, and encourage aspiring farmers to follow their dreams. Here are some Farm Events that may also be of interest.

Tucker and the tomatoes

Please stay tuned for profiles of both new and experienced farmers from around the U.S. and around the world who are growing amazing food, inspiring others, sharing with their communities, and very likely having so much fun doing so much work!

Here are some to get started:

J&K's Good Thyme Farm in Ashburnham, MA

Courtesy of J&K’s Good Thyme Farm in Ashburnham, MA

FreshBox Farms – FreshBox Farms is dedicated to growing a better future. Their goal is to sustainably bring digitally controlled agriculture locally into any environment, providing the freshest, cleanest and most delicious greens possible.

Harrison Bardwell from Bardwell Farm in Hatfield, MA

J&K’s Good Thyme Farm@JKgoodthymefarm and on Instagram

Mike and Nori Naylor of Naylor’s Organic Family Farm Stay (Dinuba, CA) – can’t wait to get here!

Michael Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Family Farm

Muriel Olivares of Little River CSA 

Shannon Jones and Bryan Dyck of Broadfork Farm

Hank and Heather Letarte of White Gates Farm

Contact us to let us know about a farmer that is very cool to you!

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